Mark E. solo


Smith recorded an 'England' song with Shuttleworth to coincide with the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


Smith put in a brief appearance on Gorillaz' 2010 album track, Glitter Freeze. When they performed it live at the 2010 Glastonbury Festival his role was greatly expanded.

Von Südenfed

Von Südenfed is a collaboration between Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner (of Mouse on Mars), and Mark E. Smith.

The three first collaborated on a 2004 12" double A-side entitled "Wipe that Sound"/"Cut the Gain", which was released on the Sonig label. This was followed by a full-length album, Tromatic Reflexxions, released on Domino Records in 2007, with two singles being drawn from the album.
The collaboration might seem unlikely in that the artists are from two very different musical genres. It has drawn comparisons to John Lydon's collaboration with Leftfield on the track "Open Up", which is similar in spirit, if not in sound.

Von Südenfed have been compared to LCD Soundsystem in reviews; Mark E. Smith expressed displeasure at this comparison in interviews, and drew attention to the fact that LCD Soundsystem are heavily influenced by The Fall.
In December 2007, Mark E. Smith advised The Fall online website that he had been "sacked" in a statement defending the cancellation of two December 2007 shows due to illness. However, the group have performed since and Smith has indicated that a second album is probable.

Inspiral Carpets

Smith's highest-profile guest appearance was a 1994 guest shot with the Manchester indie band, Inspiral Carpets. On their album Devil Hopping, “I Want You” was a straightforward, high-speed rocker. This led to an appearance on BBC's Top Of The Pops.


One of the first “featuring Mark E. Smith” credits appeared with hip-hop production duo, Coldcut. Smith provided vocals for “(I’m) In Deep” on their 1989 album, What’s That Noise?


In 1996, Smith worked with the electronic duo D.O.S.E. (Kier Stewart and Simon Spencer) on a single called “Plug Myself In,”. Both members of D.O.S.E. ended up playing briefly with the Fall the following year.

Edwyn Collins

“Seventies Night,” on Scottish musician, Edwyn Collins' 1997 album, I’m Not Following You.

Mark E. Smith & Ed Blaney

A former member and manager of The Fall,  Ed Blaney is a close friend and occasional collaborator with the band’s leader, Mark. E. Smith. After joining and touring with the group in 2000, Ed appeared on its 2001 effort Are You Missing Winner.  

In 2008 he joined Smith for the album Smith And Blaney,  which featured cover versions of Nervous Norvus “Transfusion” and The Velvet Underground’s “Real Good Time Together.” A year later, The Train Part Three arrived. The album was a complete departure, featuring audio vérité and field recordings the duo re-edited in the studio.

In 2016 Smith contributed to Ed Blaney's first solo album Urban Nature.



In 2005, Ghostigital was the electronic project headed by former Sugarcubes member, Einar Örn Benediktsson. They released the single “Not Clean” featuring seemingly improvised vocals by Mark E. Smith. It was released by Honest Jon's Records in December 2003. The name of this first album would later turn into the name of a band, comprising Einar and Curver and a host of collaborators. The music is described as "electronic beat music", drawing in elements of dub, hip-hop, rock and noise, combined with Einar's idiosyncratic worldview.

Long Fin Killie

Scottish novelist Luke Sutherland wrote Venus as a Boy, he sang and played violin in the marvellously weird rock band Long Fin Killie. Their 1995 single, The Heads of Dead Surfers coasts along for a few minutes before Smith leaps in and delivers his own, much more overtly caustic take on the themes of Sutherland’s lyrics.

other solo recordings

The Post Nearly Man (1998), Artful
Pander Panda Panzer (2002), Action Records