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I Am Curious, Orange
Edinburgh Festival - August 1988

The Fall studio album I Am Kurious Oranj was used as the soundtrack for the ballet I Am Curious, Orange, produced by contemporary dance group Michael Clark & Company, and themed loosely around the 300th anniversary of William of Orange's accession to the English throne.
The ballet was performed at the Edinburgh Festival and on tour by Michael Clark's Company, with music performed by The Fall. They would also perform for Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, in Amsterdam, in 1988.

The studio album is also notable for its reworking of William Blake's lyrics for the hymn, "Jerusalem" released as a track called, Jerusalem, by Mark E. Smith. A version is also available on the,  i am as curious oranj live album release.

The album, i am as pure oranj was a bootleg-level release of the concert.

The name for the studio album was derived from Swedish director Vilgot Sjöman's films, I Am Curious Yellow (1967) and I Am Curious Blue (1968) starring Lena Nyman as a character named after herself; the two were initially intended to be one 3½ hour film. The films are named after the colours of the Swedish flag. At their time of release the films stretched the boundaries of acceptability of what could then be shown on film, deliberately treating their subjects in a provocative and explicit manner.

'Yellow' was a landmark film that helped define the emergent change in Swedish film of the 1960s. Like French New Wave, the film uses jump cuts and its story is not structured in a conventional Hollywood way.

Hey! Luciani: The Life and Codex of John Paul I
Stage play by Mark E Smith
Riverside Studios, Hammersmith - December 1986

Hey! Luciani: The Life and Codex of John Paul I was a play written by Mark E. Smith. Described by its author as "a cross between Shakespeare and The Prisoner", the play centres on the mysterious death of Pope John Paul I in 1978.

Mark E. Smith in conversation with Jools Holland in 1986

Starring Smith and the performance artist Leigh Bowery, Hey! Luciani: The Life and Codex of John Paul I ran for two weeks in December 1986 at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London. In the same month, The Fall released one of the songs from the play, "Hey! Luciani," as a single.
Hey Luciani!  EP release, Hey! Luciani 1986

The play deals with the life and death of Alberto Luciani, also known as Pope John Paul I, who only held the office for 33 days before his death in 1978. John Paul I apparently died of a heart attack, but MES read a book called In God's Name by David Yallop that suggests he was murdered as the result of a conspiracy by the Vatican bank (which was embroiled in a corruption scandal at the time), for the usual reasons. According to Smith, "People say he was going to plan a revolution that would have changed everybody...he was planning to get rid of the financial elements of it, of church and religion..." Smith makes clear, however, that he views the story as a loose pretext for the play and the song, and he doesn't insist on the veracity of the conspiracy theory.
Haf Found Bormann  EP release, Hey! Luciani 1986

In the track, Haf Found Bormann Brix Smith plays in the guise as one of the Israeli commandos who unearth the Nazi fugitive, Martin Bormann. The lyrics are loosely based on George Steiner's short novel, Portage of AH to San Cristobal, where Israeli commandos capture Hitler in the Amazon jungle. The "Nimrod" in the lyric is one commando's code name. The song pupports a link with the Vatican's role in helping fascists escape after World War Two, hence the reference to "P2" i.e. Propaganda Due, a masonic lodge.

Abstract Art
Artist, Anthony Frost

Anthony Frost (born 1951) is an English artist noted for his abstract works consisting of brightly coloured prints and collages. Frost was born in St. Ives, Cornwall, the son of Sir Terry Frost. He is a prominent member of the artistic community of West Cornwall, and his work featured in the "Art Now Cornwall" exhibition at Tate St Ives in 2007.

Frost is a fan of The Fall and his work appears on a number of their record covers, most notably Extricate.

Portrait of Mark E Smith
Fine Art
Artist, Claus Castenskiold

"To enter into the world of Claus Castenskiold is to invite a riotous assault of emotion into the security of our most personal space. His turbulent oil paintings confront the human condition, stuck as we are amidst miracles and disasters, ecstasy and despair. The allegoric nature of Castenskiold’s art allows him to address universal human predicaments, yet these works are also intensely personal evocations of his own internal dialogues that range from the jocular to the despairing. Psychic torment, set against the paradox and absurdity of a collective paranoia, is a theme that runs through these paintings. Castenskiold captures this quality through the visual language of figuration and gesture, through his intense and highly expressive colour, and even through his halos of fragmented pointillist brushstrokes which give a dynamic energy to his compositions. In his visual scenarios the actions of the mind are made visible and are integrated into the 'action' of his narratives."

The album The Wonderful and Frightening World Of...  album artwork, like its predecessor Perverted By Language was painted by Danish-born artist Claus Castenskiold.

 Oil on canvas; 24 x 25 inches

Mark E Smith
Fine Art
National Portrait Gallery
by Matthew R. Lewis
vintage bromide print, 1991
9 in. x 9 in. (230 mm x 230 mm) image size
Purchased, 2012
NPG x136790

Paintwork 3REPETITION ISSUE # 3: 
30 October - 21 November 2009, Galerie Borchardt, Hopfensack 19 / hop-Petersburg
20457 Hamburg.

"The Fall, the legendary band around the eccentric singer Mark.E. Although Smith was never an art-rock band, but influenced countless contemporaries, including many artists. It was 1976, the days of the 'punk explosion set up' in Manchester and is still considered idiosyncratic avant-rock band with an outsider status. Many prominent sponsors have supported the band on their way and are a global network devoted followers. For many fans and experts (eg, the late British radio DJ John Peel - himself a legend - as well as Henry Rollins), The Fall are the best band of all time.

So far, nearly 90 albums have been released - at the heart of the band from the very beginning of Mark E. Smith, who is also the only constant band member (more than fifty musicians played since its inception) in the band. Smith is one of the last upright British underground music and an icon of the subculture. An angular, knotty type that is driven from A to Z of alcohol, like cigarettes and cynicism.

In the exhibition '3 repetition - Paintwork # 3 'are from artists who have either designed album covers for The case, or to link their work closely with the music and attitude of the group. Or use them as a kind of code, a cultural phenomenon, a positioning.

The artists in this exhibition are very different in their means of artistic expression and subject matter, but in a major point for them again the same: They all relate in their works to music. And they put this money to the music into painting, drawings, videos, sculptures and performances. A case-plate for the eyes - Vinyl, oil and acrylic. The case as a morphic field. Artists of many stripes to understand this music. The uncompromising stance of the band is also the common code of the artists and this exhibition - Repetition, repetition, repetition!

Anthony Frost's (Cornwall) of the "Extricate" cover and the cover of the last record "Imperial Wax Solvent" designed

Can be seen Pascal Le Gras (Paris), whose work on more than 20 album covers to

Claus Castenskiold (Los Angeles), known in the case of world-famous cover in the 80s like 'Perverted by Language'

Suzanne Smith, Mark's sister and cover artist ( 'Grotesque')

John Godbert, illustrator, musician, archaeologist, drew the first LP cover 'Live at the Witch Trials'

George Shaw, a painter, has a job on 'Reformation'

Mark Kennedy (Manchester) mosaic artist who designed 'Reformation'

Knud Odde (Kopenhagen), Danish rock legend, who painted portraits

Rik van Iersel (Eindhoven), painter, musician, and issuing the same cycle 'The 27 Points' refers directly to The Fall

Paul Housley, (London), painted and exhibited portraits of Mark E. Smith. ( 'I Mancunian')

Paul Wilson (Leeds) developed the MES fonts

Jeffrey Lewis (New York), anti-folk star, who wrote 'The Story Of The Fall'

Jowe Head (London), rock veteran of the Swell Maps, painted the cover of the tribute sampler: 'Perverted by Mark E.'

Edwin Pouncey (aka Savage Pencil) (London) drew the cover of the single 'Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul'

Michael Pollard (Manchester), Photographer and Cover Artist

Robert Palumbo (New York), were filmmakers whose photographs of African refugees on the album 'Fall Heads Roll' will be used

Tommy Crooks (Dundee) cover artist and former guitarist case

David Alker and Peter Liddell (Manchester) to paint the cookies with the case cover
Safy Sniper (Berlin), video artist and member of the band supported The Fall

Globo (Norwich), a trio which was recently 'This Nation's Saving Grace' cover version

Elaine Will (Canada) Cartoonist

Harley Richardson, (London), cartoonist

Dave Muller (Los Angeles) painted the back plate of 'Perverted by Language' "