on Link Wray

"He's just a great guitarist. It's not twangy like The Shadows; there's something really vicious about it. Maybe it's Link's Indian blood! I've got an LP somewhere of Link Wray live, in '88, doing ‘Jack The Ripper’ and ‘Rumble’, and he's just as good – you can't say that about a lot of people. Unbelievable."

on the track Jack The Ripper,

"Yeah, he’s one of the real rock grandads, isn’t he? I think he’s brilliant. He’s a Red Indian, and he makes all his own guitars. He lives in Denmark now, apparently. No, I don’t know why - why should I? I’ve met him. Was he mad? No, not at all, show some respect! He was a dead nice bloke. He used to make instrumental records that got banned for being too un-record player friendly, because they were too full of distortion and shit like that, hahaha! Link Wray is the only man who can get records banned without even writing f***ing lyrics! He’s a hero, a really great man!"