on Public Image Limited

extract from an interview in 1980,

"I feel a bond with PiL. PiL are doing a lot of what we've always wanted to do. They've got the power as well. PiL's stuff is really good stuff in my estimation - turning it all round, which is about time.That's what I mean about having your own style. Can were a perfect pop/rock 'n' roll band in my estimation. A lot of people don't see Can as rock 'n' roll, or PiL as rock 'n' roll, but I do, because it's music you'd never get on the television. There's something out that your parents would not sit through. They're all cliches I know, but a lot of letters we get from kids say "my mum and dad will not allow this in the room!" You get people saying "That guy cannot sing", "He's horrible" or "Listen to the production". It's not just the older generation I'm on about, it goes all the way fucking down. You have to sit down and get into the primal part of it, and they don't want to do it. It's the old Outsiders theory - the rough eventually gets absorbed into the whole..."