on Visnadi

on Hunt is Up,
"Vis is an Italian dance fella and this is a fookin' great record. Avante-garde with a strong beat and classical piano. It's really doomy, not cheerful at all. I never get sick of playing it."

and in 1994 in another interview with NME, on Hunt Is Up,
"This is an Italian rave record which is around at the moment. Yeah, that’s right, a rave record. Why shouldn’t I like a rave record? I’ve been getting into loads of Italian stuff lately. I’m not normally into rave music, though. I mean, it just sort of plods, doesn’t it? I don’t do a lot of clubbing, but I have been doing a bit of DJin lately, around Manchester. People just keep asking me to do it. F*** knows why. I just turn up and start playing Italian rave records and rockabilly!
Ha! That does their f***ing heads in!"