on Sex Pistols

from an interview in May 2013,
“Even pop, rock, it's all very miserable right now. Everyone I meet says that to me. All that I hear is that it's shit. Old people, young people, taxi drivers; there's just nothing there. 'When will the new Sex Pistols come, Mark?' It's not going to happen, is it? It's not."

extract from Renegade, The Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith, published in 2008,
"A lot of that punk stuff was heavy metal to me. We'd been through the pubs and clubs by then. I liked the Sex Pistols; but except for the lyrics they were only the same as the Sabbath and Zep-like bands we were playing with. It was the same sort of music.  Not bad when it's good."

extract from an interview in 1980,
When you dissect the Pistols they were a sub-Who heavy metal band. It came out beautiful because it was unconscious. That's why with our stuff, I don't want to make it faultless like, 'cause then you've just blown it. On the last tour I could see a lot of things getting synchronised which is something we've got to come to terms with."