on The Blue Caps & Gene Vincent

"The Bluecaps were a great band, too – a great drummer and guitarist. I do care about things like that. When I formed a group, it wasn't because I wanted to have my picture in the paper, it was because of sounds. When I started out I didn't realise, because you're not conscious of things like this when you start, but after five or six years you start to recognise kindred spirits. Like, I don't identify with anybody from the punk movement, never have. People always think I'm right into all them early punk people, but I'm not. I mean, I like the Pistols, but I don't relate to their careers."

"I can't remember the title at the moment, it's not a compilation, it's his first album, and it's really good. It's got ‘Jump Back Tony, Jump Back’ and stuff like that on it, really raw stuff lasting, like, one minute and 10 seconds. It's his voice, really: he can sing real rubbish and make it work, real rubbish lyrics. I've got all his albums, even the psychedelic one. I used to think he was really good – beatin' up DJs and all that, very impressive. That's why he never got big."