on The Velvet Underground

on the group and Lou Reed, 
"....Old Wave"

From an interview in 1999 about a 'song that evokes the best summer of your life', 
"I like summer very much, because I never go out in summer. Once April starts, people go out like dogs, so I stay in. Summer is hell. There are a few songs that remind me how horrible summer is. [I] like White Light/White Heat. It says it all in one minute thirty seconds."

on the track I Heard Her Call My Name,
"I like this tune. It's off the White Light, White Heat album, which is their best LP. They were really pissed off at this time and everything is drenched in feedback. Mo Tucker is in her prime and it contains the best guitar solo ever. It's written by Lou Reed and I used to think he was the bee's knees. I like the way he changes all the time although I don't like what he's doing now. But I do have a lot of respect for him."