on The Mothers Of Invention

on We're Only In It For The Money album,
"[My] very, very favourite records of all. I just think it's one of the funniest records I've heard"

on one of its tracks, Absolutely Free,
"Just brilliant! if you listen to this you'll find it's still relevant today. I'm not a big Zappa fan but the Mothers stuff is excellent. It's all about him taking the piss out of the flower power generation. Lyrics like, 'I want to go to a festival and play my bongos in the dirt'. It's very funny."

 In an interview from 1990 at the peak of Madchester,
"I like Freak Out! too, that still sounds great, really powerful, but We're Only In It For The Money is so relevant to the Manchester scene today, it's unbelievable."