on The Move and Wizzard

"I like The Move, they sound English....."

"This is the third and fourth sides of a double best of collection. I don't know where it's from. It's got tracks I've never seen before on it, and The Move Live EP. It's got ‘So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star’ on it, and a Love cover, ‘Dear Stephanie’. The second side's all cover versions, apart from ‘Night Of Fear’ and ‘I Can Hear The Grass Grow’. " 

on Night of Fear, in an interview with NME in 1994,
"I like this one because I think it sounds just like Birmingham. What do you mean, that’s no reason to like a record? No, I think Birmingham’s very underrated, me. I liked the Move and early Electric Light Orchestra as well, before they turned totally rockist and crap. I even liked Wizzard. Actually, Roy Wood has been playing around my way lately, with some new band he’s just knocked together. I’ve not seen them myself, but the rest of the Fall went down the other night and said they were great, really good. They’ve got a cello section and everything. Here, why are you laughing?"
"The Move sound real Brummie – especially when they had Carl Wayne, they were great. That was before Jeff Lynne thinks he joined when they became ELO. I think the song structures were really fascinating; and Roy Wood was just a genius, he always has been for me."
"I liked Wizzard as well – remember ‘Rock'n'Roll Winter’, the single they brought out in the summer?"