on Big Youth

On their 1976 Natty Cultural Dread album, "It's fucking great! The music is excellent on this one. I think he's quite an artist. He used the same backing tracks for different songs – some of the later albums, after this, he's still using the same backing tapes, and they've worn out! It's all distorted and stuff! And he couldn't sing. There's a great version of ‘Touch Me In The Morning’ on this! But the guitars are like Can, really interesting."

"He was in that interim period, it was almost like in between ska reggae and mad religious reggae. That's why it's good: the British record companies haven't bought them out and put them in 32-track recording studios yet. Later, they'd just get stoned and talk about religion – it's just boring, isn't it?"

on  the single, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing,
"I've had this track for years. I like his style; this is real reggae - before it got all silly and soft. I like the way he uses the same track over and over again and distorts it. I love all that fast dancehall stuff, too. It's got passion. There are a few clubs in Manchester that play it and toast dead fast over it. There's a pirate radio station that plays it too, but they never tell you what the records are, which is really frustrating."