on Arnold Schoenberg

on Moses And Aaron, a choral work by the inventor of serialism, Arnold Schoenberg,
"I like all that stuff. I don't brag about it openly, but I'm into Stockhausen and all that, clapping and stuff like that. Remember, those blokes did it a long time ago. This is beautiful, it's just violins and a lot of vocals, and long spaces. We used to use a bit of this as an intro tape. Used to freak people out. It's just, like, eight singers shouting in German, and a violin behind it. It's really tense.

asked what a 'heartbreak tune' might be, MES mentions Moses And Aaron, from an interview in May 1999,
"It's a famous avant-garde classical piece. An opera. The beginning, particularly, is quite sad. It starts off quiet, then Moses comes in. I recommend it."